Transition for School | Te Wharkawhiti ki te kura

Kindergarten provides the ideal preparation for school because our programmes link directly to the learning areas in the National Curriculum taught in primary schools.

While children are at Kindergarten they will have many opportunities to participate in reading, writing and maths experiences which will support ongoing learning when they transition to primary school.

Our professional teachers understand what it takes to set your child on the path to becoming a confident, competent and successful learner. They’ll work alongside your child to develop important skills such as communication, perseverance, problem solving, fine motor skills, individual responsibility, social skills, curiosity, early literacy and numeracy.

Moving onto school is a natural part of the kindergarten experience. Your child will have seen older children celebrating their last day at kindergarten and in many cases will look forward to meeting them again when they start at the same school.

Our kindergartens work closely with local schools - often making exchange visits so that children can experience the school environment in a safe and supported way. The teachers will have a ‘transition programme’ in place to support you and your child with the move to the new learning environment at primary school.

We can provide you with information on your local schools and help you to organise school visits for your child, and will discuss with you how to make the change as smooth as possible.

Research shows that children who attend a high quality early childhood education centre such as kindergarten, find transitioning to school a seamless process. What they have learnt at kindergarten is the foundation for life-long learning.