Get Involved | Uru atu

We welcome and encourage whanau to get involved and be part of kindergarten life. There are many ways you can support your kindergarten and here are some ideas:

  • As one of our parent helpers – reading stories, helping with puzzles, pushing swings, playing maths games, baking
  • Sharing a special skill with us e.g. playing a musical instrument
  • Accompanying us when we go on trips outside the kindergarten
  • Helping tidy up at the end of a session
  • Providing practical assistance

  • Bringing in resources for collage and construction
  • Taking the washing home
  • Mending equipment
  • Helping out with some gardening
  • Taking part in working bees on the buildings and grounds
  • Organising a fundraising activity
  • Joining a Parent Group 

Parent Groups

Every kindergarten has a Parent Group that shares in the management of the centre along with the teachers. As well as providing a great opportunity to meet other parents and family members, being involved in a Parent Group can help you develop new skills and lead to a greater understanding of early childhood education. As a member you may get involved in areas such as:

  • Discussing the kindergarten programme and experiences provided for the children
  • Maintenance of the grounds and buildings
  • Organising social events
  • Fundraising
  • Supporting the teachers

The teachers at your kindergarten will be happy to talk about how you can be involved.